Our productsEngineered works of art

  • Cyr wheel

    Wheel that can be dissembled in five sections, tough and light

    Made of aluminum, its surface is treated and anodized: chemical or electrochemical treatement to eliminate attrition. The linking components are fixated along neutral points of the structure, thus improving strength against compression and stretching stress along the pipe's wall. A PVC coating is supplied to protect and allow a better bond on the floor.

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  • German wheel

    Double wheel made of aluminum that can be dissembled in five sections

    Essentially, the german wheel is two adjacent Cyr Wheel, put together with five quadripode joints that also act as handles. The distance between the wheels and the diameter of the wheel is to your discretion.

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  • Aerial ring

    Variable diameter ring that can be built from a steel or stainless steel alloy and with a choice of surface treatment (anti skid or brushed metal). The non obstrusive linking agent can be put inside or outside the wheel.

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  • Lever Springboard

    The board is made of oak, treated with a vinyl sealing and a lacquer on its top. The stand is made of steel and equipped with a ball bearing to reduce friction when teetering. Rubber bumper guards are placed on every end of the board. Two padded cushion are provided.

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An Icon of Quality

An icon of innovation and rigor

We work in a sphere where every project is a unique one, and comes with its share of problems to solve. Every single one of these problems needs focus and we are aware that inadequate reusing of established models constitutes a negligence. Thus, by care of quality, we consistently carry our focus on every single aspect of the project, while appying our expertise, along with the last cutting-edge technologies, to produce exceptional results.


An icon of elegance

In the artistic field of Circus, there is no need to say that any accessory needs to be made pleasant for the eye. We are skilled to appeciate beauty and evaluate it in terms of harmony and adaptability, aesthetically and practically. These attributes are also thought in function of their durability. So every one of our projects are so considered with that critical look. Therefore, every product brought to fruition is a real pleasure for the eye and for the mind.

« I had my first training session two days ago and I have to admit that I can not compare it to my old cyr wheel. Your wheel is much stronger and the quality is better as well. Furthermore I was very positively surprised and glad I ordered a wheel with you. » Achus Emeis