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Cyr Wheel

Aluminum wheel that can be dissambled in 5 parts.

  • Clear P.V.C. Anti skid coating, non toxic, set by thermofusion
  • 5 “bottle” laminated steel joints (per wheel)
  • 8 spare bolts (per wheel)

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in inches. For this wheel, it is recommended to count 3 inches more than your height.

Options and Finishes

You can add items to your basket using the finish list below. From your basket, on the right, you should be able to adjust the quantities or take items out of it. You should put at least one finish before submitting your request.

  • Standard finish

    Polish 180 g. with surface protection made of clear liquid ceramic.

  • Anodisation

    Clear or colored, integrated in the metal itself 5 to 15 microns deep, it offers toughness and protection against oxidation in the long run.

    Click on a color to get a closer look

  • Chromatic

    Surface dizzling protection

    Click on a color to get a closer look

    These images, thanks to Rich-Art (Richard Bilodeau et Roger Picard) respectively show the dizzling effect of the chromatic finish and the lighting effect of a pipe, coated or not by PVC.

  • Options

  • Rolling case

    A good way to securely carry around your equipment and to protect your investments.

    • Fal All and ABS – Colors: Grey, black, orange, red or green
    • Interior OZITE 0.125 in. on wood or Coroplas
    • 3 spring handles
    • Weight varying from 10 to 30 lbs.
    • Name tagging : around 20$ extra
    • Approved ATA


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