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German wheel


  • Standard finish

    Polish 180 g. with surface protection made of clear liquid ceramic.

  • Anodisation

    Clear or colored, integrated in the metal itself 5 to 15 microns deep, it offers toughness and protection against oxidation in the long run.

    Click on a color to get a closer look

  • Chromatic

    Surface dizzling protection

    Click on a color to get a closer look

    These images, thanks to Rich-Art (Richard Bilodeau et Roger Picard) respectively show the dizzling effect of the chromatic finish and the lighting effect of a pipe, coated or not by PVC.


  • Rolling case

    A good way to securely carry around your equipment and to protect your investments.

    • Fal All and ABS – Colors: Grey, black, orange, red or green
    • Interior OZITE 0.125 in. on wood or Coroplas
    • 3 spring handles
    • Weight varying from 10 to 30 lbs.
    • Name tagging : around 20$ extra
    • Approved ATA